Popular Game Riot Games: Debate About Valorant Outlaw.

Popular Game Riot Games: Debate About Valorant Outlaw.

Valorant, a popular game from Riot Games, got a big surprise with Patch 8.0. Which added a new weapon called the Outlaw. But instead of a warm welcome, it seems to have caused quite a stir, especially among professional athletes, who have already called it “broken af.”

Popular Game Riot Games: Uncertainty About Outlaw’s Arrival

Players were not sure about the Outlaw before it was added to the game. Valorant hasn’t released a new tool in a while, so both new and experienced players didn’t know what to expect. But the Outlaw has changed the game, and some people think it’s meant to counter the common strategy of sticking with light armour in the early rounds.

Popular Game Riot Games: The Outlaw vs. Light Armour in the Meta

In recent professional games, it was normal to buy light armour early on and save the money for later rounds to buy stronger weapons and abilities. The Outlaw seems to be a direct reaction to this meta, giving players a strong way to fight back against light armour strategies.

Popular Game Riot Games: This is what the pros say: “Broken af” and Overpowered

As soon as the Outlaw hit the live servers, professional gamers took to social media to share their feelings. “At the first presentation of Outlaw for influencers and pros, I said that this sh** is broken af, it’s too good not to have it for at least two guys on the team,” Fnatic player Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov didn’t hold back. We can see that eco shots are dying right now. Is there any way that this beautiful gun could lose anti-eco?”

‘koalanoob’ Potestio, who is known for playing the Operator for M80, also joined the chant and said that the Outlaw was too strong. He said that it should be nerfed so that it doesn’t become an expensive version of the Marshal. “Nerf it, and it’s worse than the Marshall, so what’s the point of it being in the game? Or you just raise the price to 2600–2800 ngl,” he said.

Trouble with Accuracy: Sniper Made Simple?

One big worry that pros have is that the Outlaw’s second shot is just as accurate as the first when fired quickly. This feature has made it easier for more people to use the sniper. Which adds to the debate surrounding the new weapon.

What Will Happen Next to the Outlaw?

Professional football starts in late February, but it’s still not clear what will happen to the Outlaw. What everyone wants to know is whether the weapon will be changed. Possibly getting weaker, or whether it will stay at the top of the game as it is.

While this is going on, both casual and professional Valorant fans will be closely following the Outlaw story. This mean to see if this controversial addition becomes a mainstay. Or if Riot Games makes some changes before the AGENGACOR esports season starts.